When Pepsi adopted its international logo in India, it wanted to get people to notice this change in the logo. Simply updating the branding and logos was something they had already done but Pepsi wanted the people to connect with the philosophy of their new logo which was “Youth” and “Thrill”. They wanted to have an activity at the domestic airport where they could target people from all age groups and get maximum reach.


Shoppertainment LLP created an activity using the Oculus Rift virtual reality technology. A rollercoaster ride was created keep in mind the underlying philosophy of “Youth” & “Thrill” in mind. People at the airport would wear the oculus rift and get teleported into the rollercoaster. The rollercoaster ride started with the old Pepsi logo on the screen. The old logo would morph into the new logo and then the thrilling ride would start. Pepsi branding was strategically incorporated all over the roller coaster track e.g. at points before steep drops or scary jumps we added the Pepsi “Oh Yes Abhi !!!” branding so people could co-relate “Oh Yes Abhi” to “Thrill”. The ride ended with an on screen message reading “Now chill & have a Pepsi”. People who completed the ride would get a free Pepsi.


The activity ran for 40 days from Feb’14 to April’14 and on an average 140 people experienced the PepsiCoaster every single day which is more than double the number of people usually recorded for an airport activity. 90% of the people who experienced and enjoyed the PepsiCoster were happy to share their contact details with us in our feedback form. The 5% of the people who didn’t register included mostly people who didn’t have time to register due to their flight timings.

Pepsi shot multiple videos of peoples funny reactions while experiencing the PepsiCoaster and they would be using the reaction videos for a viral social media campaign.

Target Group

Before the activity began, majority of the people who would experience the PepsiCoaster were expected to be from the 14-35 age group. People enjoyed the technology and experience so much that we ended up having people from the entire spectrum ranging from 8 – 65. Since the activity ran for 40 days, regular business travelers between the age group of 35 & 50 would come and check with our booth if we had any new virtual reality content to show on the Oculus rift. Even people who were not particularly interested in technology would get pulled to our booth by their children and seeing the reaction of their children during the activity, these people would share their contact details with us.


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