At the Auto Expo 2014, Hyundai launched their new SUV called the SantaFe. While there were 69 cars launched at the Auto expo 2014, Hyundai wanted their launch to be a stand out amongst the crowd. The challenge was that Hyundai could not give the visitors an actual test drive of the SantaFe at the Expo and there was over 5.5 Lakh visitors expected at the expo.


Shoppertainment LLP created a simulated virtual test drive using the digital teleporters. Actual interiors of a SantaFe were incorporated in this simulated test drive and the visitors were taken on a 60 second drive though a hilly terrain to get a feel of sitting in the SantaFe. Visitors would just mount the oculus rift over their heads and get digitally teleported into the SantaFe. There were 4 digital teleports setup to counter the high footfall at the expo. The activity was integrated with Social Media platforms using Hyundai branded RFID bands. A collage was generated on the fly with image of the visitor experiencing the virtual SantaFe ride along with the Hyundai branding and automatically posted on the FaceBook wall of the users at the tap of the RFID band.


The activity ran for 9 days and on an average, 50 people per hour were given the experience of driving the SantaFe from the AutoExpo on every digital teleporter setup. There were 4 digital teleporter setups which operated at 95% operational capacity throughout the tenure of the AutoExpo. We were able to give over 10,000 test drives by the end of the AutoExpo. Hyundai also got additional media coverage for running this innovative campaign.


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